Appropriately structured – setting your sights on security

Image and media databases

In a sea of data, it’s important to have an overview at all times. After all, your data is your capital. With a sophisticated Media Asset Management system you will create a productive media environment to give your an efficient workflow.

Image databases in centralised management

Catalogues and magazines can quickly see image databases growing so quickly that it’s difficult to keep a good overview of things. When do image rights expire, which images are being used and where are they being used? Who processed an image and when was this done?  With a central image database you stipulate the structures needed in advance and your employees receive exactly the data or the answers they need at any given time.

Media Asset Management with a flexible assignment of rights

When editors are all permitted to use available white papers and videos, but only a few of them are entitled to process them, we will make it possible for you to award access rights flexibly with our media databases. This means that your data is available all over the world, round the clock – in exactly the version intended for the purpose – secured against unauthorised access.

This is what our Media Asset Management system offers:

  • A perfect overview of all the data
  • Full control thanks to centralised management
  • Flexible assignment of rights to use or process data

Typo Art makes media folders – use our Media Asset Management system to administrate your data!

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