Fully catalogued – from a database straight onto paper

Database publishing

Price lists and catalogues may make it necessary for masses of information to be used manually and as quickly as possible. This costs a lot of resources and remains prone to errors in spite of maximum caution. Database publishing makes data processing quicker, more convenient and more reliable.

Updated once, used repeatedly

With Database publishing, one little wheel engages quickly into another, to turn catalogue production into a single flowing process. You can, for example, send all the data from your online shop to a layout template via an individual web-to-print portal and have a print catalogue created immediately. You can’t put your data to paper more easily.

Media products off pat – from the preliminary stage to despatch

As a specialist for database publishing, we offer you a full service for the database-assisted, automated production of catalogues, price lists and data   sheets. We will be very happy to take care of data maintenance, data updates, data processing and data output as well. Simply contact us. We will gladly advise you.

An overview of database publishing:

  • For comprehensive catalogues, price lists and data sheets
  • Databased, automated catalogue production
  • Web-to-print portal for the conveniently creating print templates
  • Retention, maintenance, processing and output of your data

Typo Art as a data donor – to benefit your production!

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