We love long relationships …

Our ultimate goal is satisfied customers

This is why the name Typo Art has stood for quality and reliability since 1956.

The foundation for our company was laid with the former Heidelberger Schnellpressenfabrik (Heidelberg high-speed press factory), today Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. In 1969 the company was taken over by Dieter Spreng and developed to become the reliable partner in the communication and advertising industry it is today.

We always aim to be at the cutting edge of technology. New technologies have always been and will always be a challenge and at the same time an inspiration for us.

From lead typesetting to app – we have always been in the forefront, always been pioneering and we have always focused on innovative technologies.  We set standards in the industry, from initial Diatype photo typesetting machines and electronic image processing systems with text binding, the first Apple Macintosh computers to today’s cutting edge database technologies.

Since 2003, Claus Dieter Spreng has been at the helm of Typo Art, which has gradually been expanded to include modern communication media. Just as our customers’ requirements have change over time, so have we always adapted to new circumstances and situations.

Nothing has changed in terms of the high standard of quality we ensure you. Quality that is here to stay – our guarantee.

Our team is made up of qualified, regularly trained media designers, typesetters, graphic designers, programmers and IT specialists.

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