Smart, clever, eye-catching – advertising to attract attention

Online banners

Online banners are internet advertising posters. There are lots of them. The idea is to to attract attention at all costs, by standing out positively in the crowd. How exactly? This depends on a particular case, but we do have lots of really good ideas.

Creations that come to the point

Online banners are holders of concentrated creativity, since digital advertising banners do not have a lot of space to offer for expansive designs and long messages. Instead, communication ideas are narrowed right down to the basics, with the advantage that a unique eye-catcher is created to attract attention at first glance.

Online banners with an effective widespread impact

Unlike expensive advertising campaigns, online banners can be cost-effectively implemented, reaching a large number of potentially interested buyers or a targeted selection of potential customers thanks to their strategic positioning. We will gladly support you with our experience to make your online banners show their full effect.

Online banners are perfect for:

  • Large ranges
  • Targeted advertising, for example using geo targeting for regional offers
  • Reliable controlling with click counters, etc.

Typo Art puts it in a nutshell – why not contact us now to get your personal online banner!

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