Expressive worlds of images – retouched reality

Image processing and composing

How do you get bright sunshine on a foggy November afternoon or glaring colours in spite of weak lighting on a photo? It’s quite easy: let Photoshop pros like us do it for you. We process your images – from simple, technical corrections to creative collages.

Image processing – how we remedy red eyes

As beautiful and unique as a subject may be, technical characteristics can result in distorted photos. To make sure that they nevertheless cut a fine figure in your media, our experienced image processors use a few technical refinements, for example to rectify red eyes, reduce image noise or achieve a natural contrast with colour adjustments. Even a model’s blemished skin can be quickly sorted out, without any prescription at all.

Retouching and composing – creating new realities

Digital composing makes it possible to create images that a photographer would find it very difficult or even impossible to achieve naturally. For example if a thick branch  looms into the subject of your choice, digital retouching will conveniently remove it later on. And even if having King Kong on the roof of a two-family home for advertising purposes is an absolute must – we’ll get that done too.

Image processing and composing:

  • Compositions
  • Retouching and colour adjusting
  • Picture research

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