Interactive forms – the smart communication solution

Acrobat PDF solutions

Download, print, complete and send a form? Far too inconvenient. Better: Design a form interactively so that it can be filled in direct. This is far more convenient for users and offers recipients detailed options.

PDF forms with a form filler to help

PDF files in an independent, universal file format can be equipped with additional interactive boxes. This makes it possible to generate interactive forms to fill out direct at your computer. The key benefit of PDF forms in comparison to other formats is their variety of options. For example, you can use Acrobat PDF solutions to provide support with completing the form per mouseover effect, specify response options, provide data with automatic error messages for incorrect entries and implement several languages and dynamic structures.

Acrobat PDF solutions for more efficiency

Complex, highly functional forms can be realised with Acrobat Java Script. It is important that the structure of a form is well thought through before being set up and that attention is paid to consistency right from the beginning. We will gladly make our experience in designing meaningful, efficient forms for your customers and business partners available to you.

Acrobat PDF solutions:

  • Easy-to-complete forms
  • Complex forms with Java Script
  • Dynamic forms which adapt to statements
  • Provide a single form in several languages
  • Data exports for efficient analyse

Typo Art fills in boxes – why not contact us right away for sophisticated forms!

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