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Typesetting and final artwork

Nowadays rulers and pencils may decorously remain in a drawer when it comes to typesetting and final artwork, but modern prepress work presents us with many parameters requiring the same sophisticated manual skills as in days gone by. Ultimately the idea is to achieve print results that are virtually perfect and impress right away.

A new direction in qualitative print products

Typesetting in design is like defenders in football: if they get everything right you don’t even notice them. But this doesn’t make typesetting any less important, because it gives even the best idea a formal framework in the first place, whether this be on a business card or in a glossy magazine. It takes confidently stylish typography, refined alignment and appropriate character spacing to achieve a visual profile that attracts with a clear, distinctive line throughout.

Final artwork for ideal proofs

The look of a design on a screen is one thing – and what a printer makes of this look quite another. Final artwork needs to be done with care if a print result is to match its intended purpose. Taking account of trimming and transparencies is just as vital as colour space without tolerance, with experience being a reliable constant for success. Trust in ours.

An overview of typesetting and final artwork:

  • National and international final artwork
  • National adaptations (also Asian and East European)
  • Complying with specified CI guidelines
  • Set of forms
  • Preparing data for any printing process
  • Quality assurance and proofreading (editing upon request)

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